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Kim Bono founded CrossFit Del Mar in 2011. Kim asked her best friend Esther Marek and husband Mark, to join her in opening CrossFit Del Mar. The goal was to open a box where any person could “change their lives” through CrossFit.. The emphasis is on ANYONE! Kim is a lifelong athlete and team player. From being the Massachusetts State soccer scoring champion in high school, to a Collegiate athlete in multiple sports; Soccer, Swimming, and Basketball, Kim understands the group dynamic of team sports which is powered by each individual performing up to and beyond their normal individual capacities. Kim is also a mom, mentor, and lifelong teacher with a BS in Physical Education. Esther and Mark help manage CrossFit Del Mar with a career background in the U.S. military and service to our country. Our family backgrounds shape our approach to creating an environment for ALL our members to thrive.


We sell CrossFit. We teach it in accordance with established CrossFit standards. Constantly varied functional movements that will enable members to live their lives healthier, longer, and with greater functionality. That means being able to lift heavy items, expanded physical capacity and mobility, and the ability to climb a rope – that just might save your life someday…

It doesn’t get more functional than that. We offer instruction in an atmosphere of fun, encouragement, hard work, and camaraderie that is challenging yet open to members of all skill levels, ages, and backgrounds. We focus on our community through numerous group outings, social events, and tribute WOD’s that benefit various military charity organizations.


Kim Bono
Kim BonoFounder/Owner and Coach
McKenzie Bolden
McKenzie BoldenCoach
Angeline (Gigi) Redman
Angeline (Gigi) RedmanCoach
Esther Marek
Esther MarekCo-Owner and Manager
Mark Marek
Mark MarekCo-Owner


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